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Installing Rams Insulation to your home or commercial site is the most cost effective way
to improve energy efficiency. By insulating your premises correctly, you'll benefit from savings in heating and cooling costs.

By insulating your Ceilings, you'll save between 20-30%. By insulation your Ceiling plus
Walls, you'll save between 40-50%. By insulating your Ceilings, Walls plus Floors, you can save between 45-55%!!

As an added benefit, insulation also fights against condensation and acts as a barrier to
heat flow. This is essential to keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Installing Rams Insulation will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and will absorb indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde.

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Low Carbon Impact

In light of the lower rate of energy required for producing wool fibre, the carbon dioxide emissions generated are very low. Additionally, wool insulation batts installed in a building will absorb and lock up 6 kgs of carbon dioxide per square metre of insulation from the atmosphere. In contrast, man-made synthetic fibres generate sizable amounts of carbon dioxide in the manufacturing process of the fibre, and do not absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere when installed as insulation.

About Us

Rams Insulation was founded over 18 years ago through its parent company, ITN Australia Pty Ltd - a global trader in wool insulation and other woollen commodities. Achieving its mission of utilizing natural wool fibre, the company has developed a diverse range of products and has built up an enviable client base throughout the Asian region.

Our outcome management approach and our quality assurance programs ensure quality specifications and delivery requirements are met. Rams Insulation is dedicated in manufacturing environmentally friendly products that are renewable and sustainable over time

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